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Which of us has not dreamed at least once in his life of becoming a champion in his favorite sport? We are convinced that, for the growth of a youngster, to dream and to commit oneself, even at a maximum level, when pursuing a desire, is an important and positive factor.

That is why the Sertorelli Ski School, in collaboration with the Super Ski Milan Ski Club, does not omit the introduction to racing and has a race curriculum within its programs.

The boys and the competitive spirit


Often for those who started skiing when they were very young, and who have skied continuously ever since, there arises the desire to see how good they are. And thus, encouraged by their parents or by some friends they begin to do races.

Competitiveness, no matter which sport, can be challenging for both the athlete and the parents, but it’s surely a good thing when faced with the right mentality.

To pursue the objectives, to have commitments, to give the most of themselves for something, to learn to win, but also to lose, and to live with a constant comparison with others, are all concepts useful in sport and for a child’s growth.

Sci Club Super Sci Milano


The Sertorelli Ski School, through its ski instructors and coaches, provides technical support to Super Ski Milan, a ski club of Milan which is based in Bormio. In collaboration with the ski club we coordinate the work of a race team and a pre-race team through our Sprint Ski program.

Super Ski Milan is mainly focused to all those from the city who want to experience the world of ski racing at a good level. Through custom designed programs based on the needs of the boys and girls who live in the city we try to match the best way the life during all the days of training which are necessary for competition, thus alternating dry-land athletic preparation with activities on the skis.

In addition to winter training at Bormio and summer training at the Stelvio Pass, our activities also provides transportation to Les Deux Alpes, to the indoor Dutch facility at Landgraaf, and to Tuscany for the meeting of the Athletics College, plus of course, the racing calendar. Through qualified trainers and ex-athletes we want to facilitate those always come to Bormio from the city to embark on the road of competition.

Team of coaches

Nicolò Sertorelli

Technical Director, coaching category Children

Martinelli Gianluca

Coach category Children

Andreola Niccolò

Coach category Young People

Sassella Marco

Coach category Superbaby

Biraghi Tommaso

Coach category Baby

Toppan Riccardo

Coach category Superbaby

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Exceptional, as always.

As always, you are exceptional, courteous, professional and children love teachers. I would also like to praise the ski rental. Courteous and competent staff. Thanks and see you next year.