Kids and ski

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When to start?

Undoubtedly, this is the most frequent question that parents ask us.
The recommended age is around 4 years. Some variants, such as the psychophysical development and their motivation, however, might indicate starting earlier or later.

We suggest not forcing the issue! Observe your child, introduce him to the world of snow and propose the idea of skiing. Watching him you will understand easily when your child is ready to try his first experience on skis. When the time is right, he will learn more easily and have more fun.

From a game to a sport

Before anything else, skiing must be a fun game for a child, which is why our instructors endeavor to make every lesson fun and enjoyable. Through this game of skiing, and by using some tools and methods, we will be instilling some very important technical concepts that are basic to correctly approaching what will gradually become a sport!

We are not always at our best!

A situation will surely occur in which a child will react in an unusual manner and be capricious, unwilling, or disinterested. Rest assured, if it’s an occasional episode, we don’t want to be over dramatic. And we must always remember that the child is in an environment for which he is not yet completely familiar. Tiredness, the cold, being hungry, or too hot, all may be underlying reasons for a child to feel uncomfortable.

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Fabio's feedback
Exceptional, as always.

As always, you are exceptional, courteous, professional and children love teachers. I would also like to praise the ski rental. Courteous and competent staff. Thanks and see you next year.