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Sertorelli Ski School: the first ski school in Italy offers courses and initiatives for the whole family. From group courses for children, to private lessons, to ski safari, moving to freestyle, fit ski and freeride.

Sertorelli Ski Rental: you come to Bormio to ski, but you still don’t have the equipment? Trust us and choose from the wide range of skis for all needs. Contact us now for more information.

CMP Sertorelli: the brand new CMP Sertorelli Bormio, a flagship brand of the well-known brand that has revolutionized sportswear, but not only. Right in the heart of Bormio, in the popular via Roma, after your days on the slopes, you will find a store dedicated to the whole family where, the quality / price ratio reaches its peak. The CMP brand, in fact, has been engaged for years in the creation of garments that combine technicality and Italian style in the wake of a great manufacturing tradition. CMP garments designed for the whole family, for sport and leisure, are unrivaled. If you add to this, the characteristic customer focus of a family, such as Sertorelli, who has been dealing with tourism for decades, the product is truly unbeatable.

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Cmp Store Bormio

Hotel Meublè Sertorelli Reit: are you looking for a welcoming and familiar but also charming hotel? The pleasantness of your stay will start right here, in addition to the overnight stay, we also offer tasty breakfasts to start your days in the best way.

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Sertorelli Bormio: Clothing store – Via Piave n.3, Bormio

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Exceptional, as always.

As always, you are exceptional, courteous, professional and children love teachers. I would also like to praise the ski rental. Courteous and competent staff. Thanks and see you next year.